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3D Chatting Site

IMVU is a 3D chatting site where you can get to know people from all over the world in very unique and realistic chat rooms. So what makes IMVU a whole lot more fun and exciting than conventional chatting sites is that you create a virtual 3D avatar and you can build your own condo where you can invite people to come party and chat you. This makes getting to know people online much more interactive and in a certain way real to life.

Create the ideal you and make them look exactly how you want them to with plenty of custom options covering physical and fashion aspects.

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IMVU brings a real to life way of talking to people to your virtual finger tips. Pick and choose from hundred's of exciting places, we won't spoil the surprise you will have to visit the site to find out where you can go to chat to people.

More features for IMVU

Fun Fashion Game

You have purchased your clothes, given your pets food and have talked forever with new friends…I know this sounds unrealistic, but pretend it is possible.  And now what?  Why don’t you try a game that really tests your skills – you have to think very fast while you parade up and down the cat walk at the same time.  This is what you should expect from Walk Off. Walk Off is an extra, which is another individual attribute of IMVU that offers you some time out from chat rooms and spending, yet it gives you a challenge.

imvu the walk off

The theory behind the game is very clear-cut.  After starting the game you’ll discover that you’re on a separate catwalk to another user; the two of you will be competing with each other.  There’s a massive puzzle board full of coloured gems and stones between the two of you.  You both have to take turns to organise the gems into three rows.  It’s not as straightforward as it sounds though!  The challenging part is that you must arrange your gems within a really short time – a matter of seconds – after your competitor has had their go. You’ll ‘strut your stuff’ (parade) along the catwalk as soon as it’s your turn.  Although, your avatar will fall flat on the floor if you don’t successfully match up the gems in the allocated time.  This isn’t a great look, especially after spending ages making the funkiest looking avatar in your entire community! 

After clicking on the game it may seem like it takes a long time before a user is free, but this isn’t usually longer than 60 seconds. Moreover, you can’t play this game alone.  The only way to get better is to actually play the game – the good old saying, “practice makes perfect” is true. This may be a little alarming for newcomers, particularly because most of the existing users are exceptionally good and easily defeat you a lot of the times.  However, do not let this put you off, the purpose of the game is to enjoy yourself; it’s not about controlling the universe. 

This game certainly won’t turn you into a dedicated gamer because the visuals are a bit undeveloped, plus the idea behind the game is not complicated.  This is not a big deal though– it’s all about contesting one’s self with somebody that you’re capable of mingling with.  Walk Off offers you a great opportunity to come across other users in a contemporary and diverse environment.  If you’re a bit exhausted of the chat room scene, then Walk Off is a pleasant alternative – it will alter your pace.  You will discover that certain individuals get really competitive; they won’t be interested in talking to you.  However, you will have a good time building good friendships in this manner.  Trial it out, you won’t regret it! 

At this point, you should know everything that you need to about IMVU.  It is a fresh way of chatting online.  It is all about style, excitement and making new friends.  You might feel a bit disorientated initially, but after you become familiar with the set up, it’s an excellent way of meeting other people online and appreciating a simulated life encounter. IMVU doesn’t cost too much, plus you have the option to choose from various memberships (excellent if you are only plunging your feet in the water!) You will get the opportunity to design your personal style of clothing and accessories that other users can buy – only if you get involved though.

The people that I have come into contact with on IMVU are totally style conscious individuals.  Plus, these people want to come across others who are on a similar wavelength online. IMVU is an ideal location to be in if this kind of stuff is ‘right up your street’. I just have one final thing to say about this game – you will love the overall experience and have a great time.


Greetings from the largest shopping warehouse you have seen in your life! 

Buying things on IMVU is probably an unlimited experience.  An ample supply of clothing, accessories and actions can be obtained, plus new items become accessible at all times.  Most of the merchandise is generated by users.  According to IMVU, there are approximately six million goods that you're able to purchase on-line.  I don’t know anywhere else that offers this kind of buying range.  Do you?  I’m guessing your answer is probably no.

Don’t you think it’s very hard to locate the items you desire because of too much choice?  Well, it’s actually not difficult at all.  It may take you a bit of time to become familiar with the vast amount of pages that have lots of products for you to choose from initially; however, the game’s sorting procedure is quite decent. Of course, products are categorised into groups, for example, T-shirts, trousers, accessories etc.  Plus, they’re all listed in the order that they were included, how popular they are, how much they cost and so on.  You can locate precisely what you’re searching for because of this simple categorisation.  You can also try things on if you want, this includes the actions.  You can use the zoom button after trying things on if you want to check what you’re buying in more detail and assess if it’s made well or not.

You may think that certain products are a bit pricey, although you will be able to find some great bargains without spending your much needed credits.  Moreover, you have the opportunity to simply purchase complete outfits if you’re the sort of person who can’t be bothered to scroll through many lists of things.  This option is a bit pricey; however, if you’re an impulsive, laid-back, or lazy shopper, then it saves you a great deal of time and energy as you don’t have to try and match things yourself.

Lastly, you’ll get the chance to create and shape items of your own choice because all the things on IMVU are made by game users. The actual truth is that you won’t ever get bored of creating completely new looks and showing them off to your mates.

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